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We are CyclingCountryCollectors and travel the world by bicycle. Join our journey and stay updated about us, our bicycles and stories. In the bottom of the page you can subscribe to our new blog posts!

We are now in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“Being curious is the best way to get to discover the world. It will move you to leave your known habitat and come to see places you would never have planned to visit and meet people whose stories you would have never got to know at home.”


What do we do?

As the name says, we cycle several countries to “collect” them. We are travellers, craftsmen for our bicycles and bloggers. Cycling is a unique and uncommon way to experience the correlation of scenery und cultures and to discern that nature knows no political borders.

What is bikepacking?

Bikepacking is a travel sport that combines backpacking and cycling, which basically means that you travel long distances by bicycle and carry everything you need for a basic lifestyle in your bike bags. It is an environmentally friendly way to explore countries and landscapes. You will get in touch with the local people easily and always remain fit. Sometimes it is challenging, psychologically as well as physically but it´s worth the adventure.

What’s next?

We will leave Germany in June to cycle across South America for five months. Before that we will go for a general rehearsal in may to check our bikes and equipment.

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