Visit to a bicycle construction workshop

Visit to a bicycle construction workshop

written by Hannah

We all know him – the helpful craftsman around the corner who repairs the bike when something is broken. But not all bicycle repair shops are the same. There are big differences between the hobbyist around the corner and a workshop where bicycles are really made. 


We do most repairs on our bicycles ourselves, but we are not equipped for more complex work in the basement at home. If, for example, the carbon belt needs to be retightened, we consult a specialist. For a last check-up before the departure in one week we were in the Norwid bicycle workshop on Thursday, the birthplace of Marius´ bicycle.


For me it was the first visit to the original factory, where bicycles are craftsmanship and not mass-produced goods. The men working here are real perfectionists, who weld frames, hone down and repair what you can’t do yourself. We ask for spokes in different sizes and colours, the professionals have the right spare part for every bike in stock and take the time to adapt mudguards and crack jokes that you can only understand if you are a true craftsman. 


In the rural surroundings of a village outside Elmshorn, Rudolf Pallesen has settled down to cultivate his “Velosophy”. However, customers still find their way into the small side street enclosed by fields: the workshop is full of racing bikes, e-bikes, touring bikes and semi-finished newborns. While Marius´ bicycle is “in treatment”, I look around a little, because there are so many things to see and learn. A wheel is spoked, by hand of course. Half the tools I have never seen before. Components hang on the walls, which gives the room the magic of an idea workshop. Suddenly I also have ideas about what I want to have, rebuild and improve on my touring bike – but there is no time for that until after the big journey!

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