The excitement rises

The excitement rises

written by Hannah

In three days we will depart, leave our families, friends and home for five months and cycle on unknown paths. That´s not a new process for Marius, because he has done all this before, when he left for Canada in 2015. But it’s new to me, I’ve never been away from home for more than 3 weeks and there’s a bit of fear in the excitement. The thoughts gather in my head as the departure approaches: What if I don’t like it? Will I get homesick? How will life go on here while I am somewhere else?


On the weekend we have a party to say goodbye to our friends. Since the opening of our plans the disbelief about our project has turned into great interest and support. We show bicycles with all saddlebags and luggage on them, and set up the tent in the garden so they can get an idea of our everyday life. It is nice to have them all together, to tell them about our plans and to eat together. While we tell which places we will visit and which sights we will visit, I realize how much I am looking forward to finally leaving after nine months of planning. The final exams are over and suddenly the journey becomes real: On Friday we fly to Ecuador! All these months the journey was so difficult to grasp, something that is far away and still a long way off.

The next day we pack. The apartment has already emptied itself noticeably, because we have rented it for the period and moved our stuff the cellar. How much clothes do you take with you for five months? The correct answer is always: little. During the last months we bought the equipment and were generously supported with equipment by many great sponsors. I throw everything in one pile, it’s a small pile. Three long-sleeved shirts, two short sleeves, three trousers, underwear, socks, three pairs of gloves (as we will cycle through everything from very cold to very warm, I need different ones), two jackets, hat and scarf.

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