Training for the Andes

Training for the Andes

Loved German bureaucracy

It is nearly time! In 8 weeks we will start our adventure and fly to South America. The past weeks we´ve been busy gathering the last pieces of equipment, booking the first accommodation and settling our matters. You always underestimate how difficult the German bureaucracy it makes to spend a longer time in foreign countries. Health insurances must be paused, as well as the broadcast contribution and the apartment has to be rented.  I wish there was a box to cross on all this forms: I am leaving and can not be contacted! No forwarding address!

After dealing with all of these things we concentrated on shopping. Every bikepacker knows how much equipment is needed. There are only a few little things left to buy and we got lots of stuff waiting to get rid of the package and to be tested. It´s for this reason that we will go on a rehearsal tour next week to the Harz Mountains. (Moreover we need training, the Andes will demand everything from us physically).

No mountains in the North

For our training one thing was important to us: mountains! As native Hamburgers in northern Germany our home is unfavorably located, it´s too shallow. But you must take what you can get so we decided to cycle in southern Germany near the Alps. As the Deutsch Bahn offers almost zero opportunities to transport bicycles in long distance trains, we promptly had to reschedule our plans. So we decided to use the regional trains (which are slower, but more bike-friendly) to get to the Harz where we will cycle up and down the hills, test the new sleeping bag und cook spaghetti in a camp stove (we are grateful for every creative camping recipe). On Tuesday we will start our trip and keep you in the loop in our Blog!

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