Back on the bicycles

Back on the bicycles

written by Hannah

About delays and schedule changes

We had to cancel our planned start on Thursday, since there was still a lot to do at home and some equipment that we had ordered arrived (of course, exactly in the morning of our planned departure) at the shop. So we leave a day later, but with new equipment. And that’s a good thing, because it rains and rains in Goslar.

Cycling in the rain

The waterproof shoe covers pay off right on the first day, and watching the raindrops gather on the surface and run down the side instead of wetting my socks is a satisfaction. The precipitate drip off my clothes as well as off my motivation. It’s amazing, but sometimes it’s only the right equipment that decides on a good or bad mood.

As immune as I am against the “Schietwedder” as we say in Northern Germany, the dirt roads we cycle are not. We constantly get stuck in the mud and temporarily have to push the bicycles. I can watch my tires sinking in the mud. A hare watches our slow progress from the neighboring field, until we level up with him and it hurries off the field.

On a campsite in the middle of woods and meadows, we are friendly greeted in the evening. And what do you want after cycling in the rain? A hot meal and a hot shower. The groundskeeper has a heart for cyclists and provides us a roofed dining area. We usually eat next to the tent, but we presumably made a miserable impression. We also use the shelter y to spread the wet stuff to dry. It was a wet but not a bad first day.

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