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On June 28th we will fly from Amsterdam to Quito and start our great bikepacking tour. Here you will find news and stories from South America.

03. May 2019

Training for the Andes

Loved German bureaucracy

It is nearly time! In 8 weeks we will start our adventure and fly to South America. The past weeks we´ve been busy gathering the last pieces of equipment, booking the first accommodation and settling our matters. You always underestimate how difficult the German bureaucracy it makes to spend a longer time in foreign countries. Health insurances must be paused, as well as the broadcast contribution and the apartment has to be rented.  I wish there was a box to cross on all this forms: I am leaving and can not be contacted! No forwarding address!

After dealing with all of these things we concentrated on shopping. Every bikepacker knows how much equipment is needed. There are only a few little things left to buy and we got lots of stuff waiting to get rid of the package and to be tested. It´s for this reason that we will go on a rehearsal tour next week to the Harz Mountains. (Moreover we need training, the Andes will demand everything from us physically).

No mountains in the North

For our training one thing was important to us: mountains! As native Hamburgers in northern Germany our home is unfavorably located, it´s too shallow. But you must take what you can get so we decided to cycle in southern Germany near the Alps. As the Deutsch Bahn offers almost zero opportunities to transport bicycles in long distance trains, we promptly had to reschedule our plans. So we decided to use the regional trains (which are slower, but more bike-friendly) to get to the Harz where we will cycle up and down the hills, test the new sleeping bag und cook spaghetti in a camp stove (we are grateful for every creative camping recipe). On Tuesday we will start our trip and keep you in the loop in our Blog!

22. April 2019

A globetrotter in transit

During easter we had Léna as a guest who takes a year off after she finished her studies and currently cycles across Europe. Hamburg was one of her destinations along the route. She brouhgt us unusual good weather (because as you may know, Hamburg is known for rain) when we picked her up at Landungsbrücken on friday evening. Everybody who cycles knows what you need after a 90 km day: shower, food and a bed. While having dinner at the balcony we exchanged stories from our tours and it turned out that Léna speaks German actually very well. The curly haired french woman moved every year during her studies and therefore got to know many different countries and people. In the end of the year she wants to settle in Sweden. As we soon liked her very much we spontaneously invited her to breakfast with Marius´ familiy on easter sunday. When she left in the afternoon to proceed to Berlin, Marius accompanied her on her way out of the city. Read her story on Facebook.

Léna found us on the plattform Warmshowers, a worldwide network of cyclist who offer hospitality and local tips to each other.

Marius´ bicycle tour across Canada and the USA in 2015/16

One year in Canada and the US, one bike, 11,700 kilometers, remarkable moments and a frame break.

What do you do when you’re done with school?
While it was clear for many of my schoolmates to go directly to university, it was obvious to me to take a “break”.
I had never left Europe before, that was about to change. I applied for a working holiday visa in Canada to gain experience and finance my trip, then everything went very fast. My relatives in Winnipeg and San Francisco were already looking forward to my visit.
I started in July 2015 in Halifax on the Atlantic coast of Canada. From there I cycled across Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago, Winnipeg and Calgary to Lake Louise. The incredible hospitality that I experienced on the road was very new for me as a European.
In Lake Louise, I found a job as a houseman in a Swiss hotel and I switched from my bike to a snowboard for wintertime. Minus 30 degrees were not uncommon.
In spring I got back to my bike. So I cycled across the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver Island to bathe my front tire in the Pacific Ocean.
What a feeling to have cycled through the second largest country in the world!
A few days later, I took a ferry to Seattle. At this time I took a break for two weeks and visited a good friend in Arizona. After that my dad supported me for three weeks and we cycled the American west coast from Seattle to San Francisco together.
At the end I cycled the densely populated coast along Los Angeles to San Diego, where I reached my destination after about 11,700 kilometers.

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