We are a team!

As it is the case in every team, we both play our parts in our role as a cycling team as well as in our relationship. Cycling sometimes is a solo sport, but especially bikepacking is predestined for two because the challenges of unknown, rough terrain can better be managed together. While travelling we enjoy to have each other to share our experiences and make common memories.

Hannah grew up and still lives in Hamburg where she studies German literature. She works part time as a teacher for refugees and migrants. She´s the creative one: Writing about the experiences on tour and taking photos. When she met Marius, she owned a many years old city bike that rattled by every move. Today she´s proud of her turquoise racer and her touring bicycle (but still loyally uses her old bicycle within the city).

Marius also lives in Hamburg and does an apprenticeship as an industrial business manager. He´s the planner: Always looking for new destinations to cycle and the best route. In 2015 he finished school and took a gap year to cycle across Canada and the USA on his own. Unluckily he had to leave his touring bicycle in Los Angeles, but back home he got a brand new travel bicycle and is now back on the road.

Introducing our bicycles

Hannah´s bicycle…

…is a Gudereit SX R 1.0 in dark blue, frame size 53.


Schwalbe Marathon Mondial, Trelock Prio front light, Shimano SPD pedals, Connex 8sX chain, Magura HS 33 brakes and Rohloff Speedhub.

Marius´ bicycle…

…is a handmade, customized Norwid travel bicycle.


Schwalbe Marathon Tour +, Tubus Duo lowrider, Shimano SPD pedals, Gates belt drive, Magura HS 33 brakes and Rohloff Speedhub.